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@ {Inproceedings

author = {Cristina Hilario and Marcos Nieto and Aitor Rodríguez and Naiara Morocho and Pedro Sánchez and Karina Villarroel and Roberto Giménez and Suzanne Little and Hui Wang and Celso Prados and Tassos Kourtis },

title = {SAVASA: Metodología de Búsqueda de Archivos y Análisis Basada en Estándares },

year = {2012-09-26 },

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abstract = {The SAVASA project is a European funded project under the Seventh Framework Programme Theme which faces a standard based approach to video archive search and analysis. The SAVASA project proposes the creation of a video archive search platform that allows authorized users to perform semantic queries over various remote and non-interoperable video archives. The project will exploit the current trends in computer vision, video retrieval and semantic video analysis. It is also a goal of the project to ensure that its results can be deployed in distributed systems and as software services. The project is currently ongoing and preparing the first system prototype in which several of the proposed functionalities will be deployed and evaluated in real scenarios. },

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in = {Proceedings of XXVII Simposium Nacional de la Union Cientifica Internacional de Radio, URSI 2012 },