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@ {InProceedings

author = {M. Nieto, P. Leskovsky, and J. D. Ortega },

title = {Person detection, tracking and masking for automated annotation of large CCTV datasets },

year = {2014-01-01 },

keys = {computer vision, real-time, detection and tracking, privacy masking },

pages = {519- 522 },

abstract = {In this paper we describe a real-time approach for person detection in video footage, joint with a privacy masking tool, in the framework of forensic applications in CCTV systems. Particularly, this paper summarizes our results in these domains within the European FP7 SAVASA and P-REACT projects. Our main contributions have been focused on real-time performance of detection algorithms using a novel perspective-based approach, and the creation of a methodology for privacy masking content such as the faces of the persons in the images. },

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in = {8th Int. Conf. on Ubiquitous Computing & Ambient Intelligence },