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@ {Inproceedings

author = {Jon Goenetxea and Aitor Moreno and Luis Unzueta and Andoni Galdos and Álvaro Segura },

title = {Interactive and Stereoscopic Hybrid 3D Viewer of Radar Data with Gesture Recognition },

year = {2010-06-25 },

keys = {Gesture Recognition,Human-Computer Interaction,Hybrid System,Stereo Visualization,Weather Doppler Radar },

pages = {212- 220 },

abstract = {This work presents an interactive and stereoscopic 3D viewer of weather information coming from a Doppler radar. The hybrid system shows a GIS model of the regional zone where the radar is located and the corresponding reconstructed 3D volume weather data. To enhance the immersiveness of the navigation, stereoscopic visualization has been added to the viewer, using a polarized glasses based system. The user can interact with the 3D virtual world using a Nintendo Wiimote for navigating through it and a Nintendo Wii Nunchuk for giving commands by means of hand gestures. We also present a dynamic gesture recognition procedure that measures the temporal advance of the performed gesture postures. Experimental results show how dynamic gestures are effectively recognized so that a more natural interaction and immersive navigation in the virtual world is achieved. },

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in = {Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems, 5th International Conference, HAIS 2010 },