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@ {Inproceedings

author = {Javier Marinas and Luis Salgado and Jon Arróspide and Marcos Nieto },

title = {Detection and tracking of traffic signs using a recursive Bayesian decision framework },

year = {2011-10-07 },

keys = {Driver Assistance Systems, Environment Perception, Imaging and Image Analysis },

pages = {1942- 1947 },

abstract = {In this paper we propose a new method for the automatic detection and tracking of road traffic signs using an on-board single camera. This method aims to increase the reliability of the detections such that it can boost the performance of any traffic sign recognition scheme. The proposed approach exploits a combination of different features, such as color, appearance, and tracking information. This information is introduced into a recursive Bayesian decision framework, in which prior probabilities are dynamically adapted to tracking results. This decision scheme obtains a number of candidate regions in the image, according to their HS (Hue-Saturation). Finally, a Kalman filter with an adaptive noise tuning provides the required time and spatial coherence to the estimates. Results have shown that the proposed method achieves high detection rates in challenging scenarios, including illumination changes, rapid motion and significant perspective distortion. },

issn = { },

in = {Proceedings of Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference ITSC2011 },