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@ {Inproceedings

author = {John Edgar Congote and IƱigo Barandiaran and Javier Barandiaran and Marcos Nieto and O. Ruiz },

title = {Face Reconstruction with Structured Light },

year = {2011-03-05 },

keys = {3D Reconstruction, Structured light, Gray codes, Depthmap },

pages = {149- 155 },

abstract = {This article presents a methodology for reconstruction of 3D faces which is based on stereoscopic images of the scene using active and passive surface reconstruction. A sequence of Gray patterns is generated, which are projected onto the scene and their projection recorded by a pair of stereo cameras. The images are rectified to make coincident their epipolar planes and so to generate a stereo map of the scene. An algorithm for stereo matching is applied, whose result is a bijective mapping between subsets of the pixels of the images. A particular connected subset of the images (e.g. the face) is selected by a segmentation algorithm. The stereo mapping is applied to such a subset and enables the triangulation of the two image readings therefore rendering the $(x,y,z)$ points of the face, which in turn allow the reconstruction of the triangular mesh of the face. Since the surface might have holes, bilateral filters are applied to have the holes filled. The algorithms are tested in real conditions and we evaluate their performance with virtual datasets. Our results show a good reconstruction of the faces and an improvement of the results of passive systems. },

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in = {VISAPP-2011. International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications },