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author = {S. Little, I. Jargllsaikhan, C. Direkoglu, N. O’Connor, A. Smeaton, K. Clawson, H. Li, M. Nieto, A. Rodriguez, P. Sanchez, K. Paniza, A. Llorens, R. Gimenez, R. Santos de la Camara, and A. Mereu },

title = {SAVASA:Proyect @ TRECVID 2012: Interactive Surveillance Event Detection Evaluation of interest point detectors for image information extraction },

year = {2012-11-29 },

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abstract = {In this paper we describe our participation in the interactive surveillance event detection task at TRECVid 2012. The system we developed was comprised of individual classifiers brought together behind a simple video search interface that enabled users to select relevant segments based on down sampled animated gifs. Two types of user – ‘experts’ and ‘end users‘ – performed the evaluations. Due to time constraints we focussed on three events – ObjectPut, PersonRuns and Pointing – and two of the five available cameras (1 and 3). Results from the interactive runs as well as discussion of the performance of the underlying retrospective classifiers are presented. },

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