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@ {Article

author = {M. Nieto, O. Otaegui, G. Velez, J. D. Ortega, and A. Cortes },

title = {On creating vision-based advanced driver assitance systems },

year = {2014-01-28 },

keys = {ITS, ADAS, computer vision },

pages = {1- 8 },

abstract = {In this study, the authors analyse the exponential growth of advanced driver assistance systems based on video processing in the past decade. Specifically, they focus on how research and innovative ideas can finally reach the market as cost-effective solutions. They explore well-known computer vision methods for services like lane departure warning systems, collision avoidance systems and point out potential future trends according to a review of the state-of-the-art. Along this study, the authors’ own contributions are described as examples of such systems from the perspective of real-time by design, pursuing a trade-off between the accuracy and reliability of the designed algorithms and the restrictive computational, economical and design requisites of embedded platforms. },

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