Security and surveillance

Video information is an important component of each security application. Intelligent or automatic examining of this information is becoming exceptionally important and useful for train stations and airports for example. The cameras enable to continuously control checkpoints or people moving through different areas, detecting suspicious behaviors and abandoned objects.

Security image 1

In the field of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) there are two kind of applications where computer vision is applicable:

  • Post investigation: the detection and tracking of events (e.g. person running, car parking, group of persons, etc.) across multiple video archives can speed up finding legal evidences for law enforcement agencies.
  • Prevention: the real-time analysis of video streams can lead to the detection of potential risk situations (e.g. vandalism, fighting, pickpocketing, etc) so as to activate security response mechanism.

Viulib is addressing these problems with technologies that help computers "see" important patterns in digital images and "understand" the scene in order to take actions. The key actors in such scenarios are persons and hence most of the effort is put into developing algorithms that generate biometric.

Security image 2