Non-Intrusive sensors for Traffic Management and Tolling

Traffic Infrastructure Sensor:

Development of non intrusive sensors for traffic and tolling management. The technology beyond this sensor is supported in the processing video stream from existing cameras which are relevant for automatic incident detection, traffic data gathering, and movement detection.

These sensors based on computer vision could provide several measurements such as: counting and classifying of vehicles, wrong direction detection, slow vehicle, traffic jam, real and mean vehicle velocity measurement, etc. Such data is fundamental for the design and maintenance of freeway infrastructures. The utilization of non-intrusive sensors like cameras minimize the adverse impact on traffic and users associated with traditional methods like inductive loops which imply closing the traffic for installation/maintenance.

The sensor communicates with the roadside equipment which can forward this information to control centres where it can be consumed by management software tools to analyze the status of the roads, evaluate causes of traffic accidents, etc.